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Plan of action set up Collaboration platform Blue-deal 

There is a need for the international program ‘the Blue-deal’ to set up an international collaboration platform, for about 200 members worldwide at the moment. Especially since there are no foreign missions because of the corona measures, and there are no (or less) physical meetings possible. Therefore, setting up a new digital collaboration platform is important to keep a connection with each other. 



internationaal communicatieplatform Blue Deal

ABN Ambro


Method/ approach
To lead this project well I will set up a project planning with milestones. I will have online meetings with the project team on set moments. These steps, as described in the instruction, are more or less how I would take on this project. I will also involve the different stakeholders in the milestones of the project. So first the analysis, then the form/choice of the platform with a sitemap (content), present to the secretary, process feedback, build it, accompany, fill with texts/documents/video material/images, test with a test group, deliver to the secretary and launch to users. 

The intended collaboration platform has three main components that must be brought together, these are:

- The ICT structure (technical choice of platform, the kind of CMS (open-source of?), server, maintenance contract, etc.) and;

- the design and sitemap;

- the content

As a project leader, I will combine these to come to a good proposal.